Coaching for Leaders

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Session Titles:
1. Introduction to Coaching
2. Attitudes For Coaching
3. Building Confidence
4. Developing Choices
5. Autonomy vs. Dependence

Program - Coaching for Leaders



Leaders influence others using many skills. This 'microlearning course' provides both understanding and practical application, so you make a positive difference to others and become a better leader, respected by all. We advise to have a coachee during the course to apply the learning.


What is this 'Microlearning Course' about?

Leaders influence others using many skills. This course provides both understanding and practical application that helps you become a better leader, respected by all. To get most of your 'applied experience' and make your learning real and practical, you will need to identify and speak to someone who will be your 'coaching-buddy' through the course.


Who is this course designed for?

People interested to integrate (facilitative) coaching principles into their work as managers and as people developers, whether in organizations or as independent coaches & consultants. 


What will you take away?

  • Realize that you have existing skills and acknowledge them 

  • Influence change in people by using questions

  • Create sticky & useful skills for leading others



  • Intermediate Level

  • 15 Microlearning Sessions

  • 212 min. of Experiential Content

  • 97 Learning Actions

  • Group Discussions & Sharing

  • Offline Access

  • Lifetime Access via Mobile and Web

  • Digital Certificate shareable on LinkedIn


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