Coaching for Peak Performance

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Session Titles:
1. The Power of Coaching
2. Character - The Power Relationship
3. Clarity - The Power of Excellence
4. Competence - The Power of Affirmation
5. Competence - The Power of Feedback
6. Competence - The Power of Adaptability
7. Consistency - The Power of Recovery
8. Commitment - The Power of Possibility

Program - Coaching for Peak Performance



This program aims to develop the coaching skills of leaders. This in turn will enhance learning and overall team performance of their companies. The objectives of this program are:

  1. Rekindle the leaders' passion for coaching;
  2. Retool the leaders' competence in coaching; and

  3. Enable the leaders to recommit themselves to their team members.


This program captures the 5 Cs of the Meta Great Coach model ( – Character, Clarity, Competence, Consistency, and Commitment to enable participants to learn key skills in coaching for peak performance.



  • Beginner Level

  • 11 Microlearning Sessions

  • 114 min. of Experiential Content

  • 102 Learning Actions

  • Group Discussions & Sharing

  • Offline Access

  • Lifetime Access via Mobile and Web

  • Digital Certificate shareable on LinkedIn

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